Investigation days

Bring your class or year group for a day full of activities and adventure!

Price: £264 per class (inc VAT). There is a reduced fee for small classes - please call us for details.

Time: 10.00 – 14.30 apx


Kelham Island Museum

Each day can accommodate up to three class groups.


Children of the Second World War

Suitable for KS1/2

Topics covered: Second World War - evacuation/ the home front/ munitions worker

Children travel back in time to wartime Sheffield. They will investigate the lives of real people, meet a munitions worker and encounter the trials and tribulations of air raids, evacuations and life on the Home Front.

The Great Sheffield Flood, 1864

Suitable for KS1/2

Topics covered: local history/ Victorians

A day investigating the science and history behind this great disaster. Children will find out about the technology behind dams to work out why the Dale Dyke Dam burst. They will also explore the social history of this event by recreating the stories of the families living along the river and finding out about the aftermath of the flood.

Steel City

Suitable for KS1/2

Topics covered: Sheffield's industrial history/ Industrial Revolution/ science/ local history

Using storytelling, object handling and exploration, children will learn about Sheffield's industrial history. They will discover how steel is made and have a go at making a spoon of their own. They will learn about Harry Brearley and his discovery of stainless steel. They will learn about heavy industries through imaginative exploration of the larger objects in the museum.


Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet

Each day can accommodate up to two class groups.


Florence Nightingale: Health and Hygiene in the 1800s

Suitable for KS1/2

Topics covered: local history/ maths

Using objects, children hear and reflect on the story of Florence’s life, they then travel back in time to experience two significant points in the timeline. Florence’s childhood in Derbyshire and visits to her Grandparents near Sheffield that could have informed her decision to become a nurse. Florence’s work in the Crimea and her relationship with Mary Seacole.

Home, Work and Play: A Day in the Life of Abbeydale Works

Suitable for KS2

Topics covered: Victorians/ local history/ maths

Using object handling, role play and historical investigation skills, children learn about what life was like for children in Victorian Sheffield. From becoming workers' apprentices to helping with chores in the managers' house and exploring Victorian toys.

How to book

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