Activity Sessions

Choose one of our themed sessions or mix and match the sessions for an inter-disciplinary approach. New to our programme are participatory storytelling sessions and puppets!

Each session can accommodate one class group and lasts for half a day.

Sessions can be combined to make a full day or to accommodate two classes.

Price: £132 per class (inc. VAT). There is a reduced fee for small classes - please call us for details.

Duration: 90 minutes


Kelham Island Museum


The Munitionette

Suitable for KS2/3

Topics covered: First World War/ local history

Come to the Museum and meet a Munitions worker from the local Templeborough Munitions Factory! Children will learn about protected professions, the shell crisis and the role of women during the First World War. The Munitionette is a reflective session involving role play, historical objects and storytelling.

The Story of Ironie

Suitable for KS1

Topics covered: Science/ stainless steel/ local history

Based on a children's storybook written by Harry Brearley to explain his discovery of stainless steel, the Story of Ironie uses storytelling, theatre, music, multi-sensory props, magic and puppetry to create an exciting interactive learning experience.

Lizzie and Alfonso

Suitable for FS2/KS1

Topics covered: Local history/ First World War

Lizzie was an elephant in a travelling menagerie or circus that spent the winters in Sheffield, Alfonso was her trainer.  When the First World War broke and all the work horses had to be sent to help with the fighting, Lizzie was hired by Thomas Ward, scrap metal merchant.  What we know of Lizzie is swept up in hearsay and rumour so her story has taken on an almost legendary quality.

Children will take part in the telling of Lizzie’s story and then explore Lizzie’s story further by following a trail around the museum.

The Mysterious Egg

Suitable for FS1/2

Topics covered: Personal, social & emotional development

The Myserious Egg uses storytelling, multi-sensory props, magic and puppetry to create an exciting interactive learning experience.



Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet


Home, Work and Play: The Tale of the Poor Mouse

Suitable for KS1

Topics covered: Victoriana/ houses and homes/ rich and poor/ local history

Using storytelling, imagination and exploration children will learn about life in the past at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. They will explore the works buildings and learn about the different jobs as well as comparing the rich and poor houses. If you choose to stay for the whole day children will follow an activity trail around the site discovering traditional rhymes, dances and games along the way.

The Story of Mr Huntsman, the Clockmaker

Suitable for KS1/2

Topics covered: Science/ crucible steel/ local history

Through interactive storytelling children will learn about Benjamin Huntsman's discovery of crucible steel. They will explore the site of Abbeydale and discover the works buildings including one of the last remaining intact crucible furnaces in the world.


Shepherd Wheel Workshop


The Power of Water

Suitable for KS1/2

Topics covered: geography and environment/ science/ local history

Using an interactive app, children will explore the site, discover how water power works and learn why Sheffield became an important industrial city. 

How to book

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