The Hawley Gallery

The Hawley Gallery opened in 2010 as the first permanent display space for the Hawley Collection.

This world-renowned tool collection has been amassed since the mid 1950s by former tool retailer and champion of Sheffield’s industrial heritage, Ken Hawley, and consists of over 100,000 objects, all relating to Sheffield’s tool, cutlery manufacturing and silversmithing industry.

The Ken Hawley Collection Trust LINK was formed in 1994 to safeguard the collection and Ken continues collecting and working with the collection - it is his life and his continuing passion.

This internationally important collection of over 100,000 objects includes edge tools, measuring tools, tools used for cutlery manufacture and silversmithing, plus related catalogues, photos, films and oral histories. It is gathered mostly from Sheffield and Yorkshire but also from Britain and the rest of the world.

Inside the gallery there are lots of things to discover and explore including; a giant saw wall, an A-Z of Tools and exciting displays including:

  • Investigating Design - shows how tools are designed for specific tasks.
  • Investigating Making - focuses on the stages in the manufacturing process
  • Investigating Selling - looks at selling Sheffield tools to the world
  • Investigating More - is a temporary exhibition area with regularly changing displays

This prestigious collection is housed in a building originally known as Russell Works, home to saw makers by Wheatman & Smith. Many of the original features have been retained in the building and form a fitting home for the Hawley Collection.