1916 House


The '1916 House' opened on Sunday 25 September to mark the centenary of the Zeppelin raid bombing of Sheffield in which 24 people lost their lives. This new permanent exhibition is part of the project ‘Sheffield 1916 - Steel Steam and Power’ supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

From the cobbled path of the Little Mesters Street, step into the new 1916 ‘two up, two down’ terraced house, complete with a range and shared backyard. Interactive and sensory displays take you back to 1916 Sheffield to consider what 'home' really means.

Accompanied by a First World War timeline to guide you through the war years, experience what life was like on the home front in Sheffield through the eyes of its residents. Children can discover what it was like growing up as a child through the war years, chalking up a game of hopscotch under the washing line and playing in the 1916 House communal backyard, complete with an original loo, as a place at the centre of community life.

From here, stop to reflect on the sounds of the Zeppelin raid overhead and listen to the stories of the Sheffield bombing survivors and the accounts of those who have come to make Sheffield their home through the ages, from First World War Belgian refugees to modern day refugees, and discover why we are known as a City of Sanctuary.

The ‘1916 House’ is part of the 'Sheffield 1916: Steel, Steam and Power' HLF funded project. The project includes new displays explaining steam power and Sheffield’s little-known role in shipbuilding, vibrant community engagement work and new activities and resources for schools.