Tool Industry Collection

Hawley Tool Collection Saw Shop

The toolmaking industry in Sheffield was and is a manufacturing industry of national and international importance.

Sheffield specialised in producing high quality tools for all trades and at one time dominated the world market.

The toolmaking industry collection is a comprehensive representation of Sheffield's toolmaking industries and includes finished items which are tools in their own right and the tools and equipment required to manufacture them.

The collection is estimated at 2000 items. Notable aspects include material from the saw and file industries.

The saw manufacturing industry material includes saws, blades, setters, handles and saw manufacturers tools and equipment. The file industry material includes exhibition files, file cutters tools and equipment, file and rasps in various stages of manufacture and exhibition cases.

The Trust also holds a large collection of woodworking tools and equipment as well as a collection of edged tools such as shears, spades and so on.

Hawley Tool Collection

Over 100,000 objects make up this important display of tollmaking, cutlery manufacture and silversmithing tools assembled by Sheffield tool retailer Ken Hawley.