Engineering Industries

The manufacture of engineering tools and equipment was inextricably linked to the development of heavy industries in Sheffield.

It was both a product of the steelmaking industries and part of the tools and equipment required by those industries. In general the engineering tools and equipment were either made and often used as well in Sheffield or made and exported all over Britain and the world.

The collection consists of tools, equipment and technical drawings which have been made or used by Sheffield-based firms and manufacturing industries.

Notable items include a Rolls Royce aero-engine, a Merlin crankshaft and dies, the first engine to be fitted with the ‘link motion' (reversing gear for steam engines designed in 1849 by George Stephenson and William Howe), a Crossley gas engine, land chain manufacturing machinery, umbrella manufacturing machinery, moulders tools and patterns for castings from Hadfields and Sheffield Simplex and a large lathe manufactured by Crookes.

There are approximately 500 objects but many items which have been included and discussed in other areas could equally be placed within this collection.

Examples of this include the River Don Engine made by Davy Brothers of Sheffield and the steam hammers mentioned in the Iron and Steel Industry Collection.