Scientific and Technological Research

Scientific and technological research were important aspects of the manufacturing industries of Sheffield and many of the developments were a result of the vast input into research.

Companies, and later the University of Sheffield, developed their own laboratories and materials research departments. This was particularly the case in the steel industry as new innovations in steelmaking were demanded as well as the need to guarantee quality within steel castings.

The Trust has a collection of approximately 100 items of measuring and testing equipment used across many industries. These consist of laboratory equipment such as microscopes, weighing equipment, metal hardness testing equipment and tension and friction testing equipment.

Other aspects of the collection are cross-referenced and discussed in other areas. For example, documents relating to scientific and technological research are housed within the archives collection, such as papers by Hatfield, Brearley, the Hadfield company archives or in the library where published research papers and patents are stored.

In addition the photographic collections have within them a large collection of images which relate to microscopic testing of metals and metallurgical research.