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Who Shot Mr Tyzack?

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Who Shot Mr. Tyzack? is the title of a new live interpretation experience at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet.

The Learning Team have been working with live interpretation specialist Andrew Ashmore to create some new characters to enliven the site and brush the dust off the top hat of the more established character of Mr. Tyzack.

Visitors will be able to see these characters in action during the Festival Forge In Weekend (Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 May).

The theme of the day is the Sheffield Outrages, a pretty dark period in Sheffield’s history when grinder’s unions used intimidation and violence to protest about pay and working conditions. The day we have created centres around the (alleged) shooting of Joshua Tyzack in 1862, reported in the national papers a few years later during a commission into the outrages. Visitors are invited to imagine the sort of conversations that would be going on around the works in the days following Mr. Tyzack’s shooting.

Visitors will be able to question Joshua Tyzack about his narrow escape – his only injury being a bullet hole in his hat! They’ll be welcomed into the home of Hannah Smith and learn her rather vocal opinions on the unions. Bill the Grinder will be persuading them to come and hear him speak at the rally later that day and Anne, the blacking lass will divulge all the gossip that’s been flying around the Works – especially as she’s friends with a key witness to the shooting…

A key moment of the day is the union rally organised by Bill, giving voice to the ordinary workers on site, but what will happen when Mr. Tyzack hears what Bill’s been saying?

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