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What a find!

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As shown in the image below, the scaffold around the Bessemer is now up and wrapped in plastic sheets so grit from the sand blasting cannot escape.


Bessemer Scaffold Image

We are now two days into the sand blasting process with three pallets of sand having been delivered so far. The sand being used to strip the paint from the Bessemer is then recycled and used numerous times however it will take a lot of sand to remove all of the previous layers of paint! Once all of the paint has been removed the first coat of new paint can be applied.

Our conservation engineers now have access to the rim of the Bessemer which means its thickness can be measured allowing clamp brackets for the plastic sheet to be made which will become the Bessemer’s new lid. The brackets will be made from 50mm by 6mm flat bar which will be heated and bent to shape. They have also measured the diameter of the Bessemer and found that it is in fact bigger than the original diagram, shown below, had suggested. 


Bessemer Original Diagram

Amazingly, our Technical Services Manager, Eddy found a piece of Bessemer Steel, shown below, that has been stuck to the rim for decades! It had been disturbed from the rim when the scaffold was erected and was liable to fall into the car park located at the back of the Bessemer.


Bessemer Steel Image

As this is thought to be one of the last pieces of Bessemer Steel made in the UK, it will be cleaned by our engineers and then used by our Learning Team during one of their school handling sessions, “Part of the last pour”.

Grit blasting will take place during week commencing 17April which, followed by painting, will take approximately 3 weeks. 

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