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Victorian Christmas: Make Your Own Kissing Ball

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During the Victorian period, Christmas Kissing Balls were decorated balls of holly, herbs and mistletoe, among other evergreens. They were traditionally hung over doorways and archways in homes. Learn more about this traditional decoration by clicking HERE.

Follow our easy tutorial below to learn how you can make your own! 

Make a Victorian Kissing Ball like this one! (Image Source: Pinterest)


You will need:


  • Foam ball (Available at craft and hobby shops or online)
  • Craft wire
  • Artificial greenery such as pine needles, holly or mistletoe
  • Ribbon (The more Christmassy the better in our opinion!)
  • Pliers - for cutting the wire and artificial greenery


Optional Extras:

  • Extra decorations to add, such as pinecones, small bows and artificial berries.
  • Craft glue for securing extra decorations in place.

Read below for instructions. 

Make your Kissing Ball as traditional or modern as you like (Image Source: Pinterest)


How to make it:


  • Stick the wire through the center of your foam ball until the wire pokes out of the other end.
  • Curve one end of the wire upwards towards the ball so that it’s secured from falling out of the ball and press the wire in place. This will be the bottom end of your kissing ball when it’s hung in place.
  • Cut your greenery to your preferred size, making sure each piece is about the same length to create a uniform sphere.
  • Stick the stripped ends of the greenery into the foam ball. Keep adding new greenery until you’re happy with how full the foam ball looks.
  • Add any optional extra decorations you like, such as pinecones, berries or bows. Secure them in place using craft glue or craft wire.
  • Tie a ribbon around the wire at the top of your Christmas kissing ball for a touch of festive flair.
  • Loop the top wire so that it can be easily hooked onto the place you choose to display your kissing ball.
  • Enjoy your DIY Victorian Christmas decoration!

We'd love to see your fnished result! Tag us in your Facebook or Instagram photo of your Christmas Kissing Ball using #kelhamcountdown. 


Christmas Kissing Ball (Image Source: Pinterest)



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