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Mouse Trail

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This line drawing of a mouse was part of the trademark for the anvils made at Mousehole Forge at Malin Bridge, Sheffield

Mouse Tail

Once upon a time there was a little mouse who lived in a field not so far from Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. Every morning Mouse would wake up and hope to see something more interesting than the same field, to smell something more than the same fieldy smells, and hear something different to the same bird tweeting. One particular morning Mouse was feeling brave and decided to go on an adventure…

This is how one of our new KS1 school sessions begins and it has been the inspiration for the children’s trail in our new introductory exhibition. Mouse joins children in the exhibition at Abbeydale and along with Tyzack the Elephant helps them find out more about Abbeydale’s history…why not pop in this week and say hello!


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