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Mister Fox Comes to Town ...

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Gather under the gaslamps as we celebrate our 25th silver anniversary with glorious gift-buying, festive entertainment and magical twilight finales.

On Saturday 2 December Mr Fox Comes to Town ...

An exhilarating combination of movement light and sound awaits you with mystical masked performers, drummers and acoustic music. Listen for the beat of the drums as they lead along the museum’s cobbled pathways to Kelham Square for a mesmerising Mr Fox Fire Performance Finale!

(Leaves from Music Hall Stage 6.15apx moving through the museum grounds and along Kelham Lane to Kelham Square where the main performance takes place (6.30-6.50pm apx).  

Based in Barnsley, Mr. Fox is an exciting development in British traditional dance with the use of fire and small pyros developed over the last 23 years. The dance forms and style derive mostly from English and Welsh traditions but draw in ideas from North America and Catalonia.

Discover more about the mysterious dancers on their website Mr Fox and Facebook Mr Fox Dance 

Please note this finale takes place as part of the Victorian Christmas Market entertainment programme therefore paid admission to the market is required. No public access to Kelham Square.



When eyes do see the naked flame 

and ears do hear the brazen beat of drum 

When two worlds meet 

then twilight’s winding walks begun...

 With smoking clouds and tendrils flare

Amid eternities brilliant glare 

the hooded shadows flit...


They crouch and prowl, they run and fight,

They tend the braziers’ fiery heart

With flames that flash as bursts of light

And this is but the start...



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