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An Amazing Visit To Abbeydale

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It Came From Outer Space...  to Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet!

Last year we were very excited to uncover a more or less forgotten story from Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet’s history! Thanks to a casual remark by a visitor, followed up with with good old-fashioned research, we found out that in October 1971 the Command Module of the Apollo 10 space mission had visited Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet. The visit was part of a Europe-wide tour and attracted thousands of visitors to the Hamlet!

We now have a small display, launched at our Christmas event in the Learning Centre about the visit and the Apollo 10 mission, with a wonderful photo of the Command Module on site at the Industrial Hamlet!  

Apollo 10, which flew in May 1969, was a very significant part of the U.S. space programme, as it was the “dress rehearsal” for the moon landing in July of the same year.

Amongst our exciting discoveries was the fact that Britain’s first astronaut, Sheffield-born Helen Sharman was an 8-year old visitor to the “space module” when it was at Abbeydale! Helen has very kindly shared the story with us for the display.  

Come and have a look – and take one of our lovely postcards, with which we’re encouraging visitors to share stories of other interesting times at Abbeydale over our soon-to-be 46 years as a museum!

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Steve M

Remember it well. My father took us to visit and I remember the tiny module. That and the moon landing are big memories from that time long forgotten now.

John h

I was 11 years old at the time and we visited on a school trip and actually got to sit inside,amazing experience I will never forget.

Lynne Brown

I went to see this on a school visit. I was only talking about it today, as there is a chance to see Tim Peakes' return module from the Space station, in Edinburgh.

Jamie Pigott

Told my wife today that I visited the hamlet to look at a space capsule on a trip from Carter Knowle school. She burst out laughing and didn't believe me. Thank goodness for the internet

Tom Cooke

Oh my goodness, glad I found this - I remember it vividly and I was *4*!! I’m pretty sure I remember the actual Moon landing, watching my grandad’s black and white TV sitting on a rug...

Janet Andrew

I was 13 and remember it well. My friends dad took us and we queued for what seemed like hours. We looked at photos and actual moon rock and dust while we reached the capsule. I remember it looking really tarnished like it had been burnt. Fantastic memories .

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