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21st Century Showcase

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21st Century Showcase

This showcase can be found in the entrance to the Museum.  It exhibits a changing display of products made by contemporary industrial manufacturers in Sheffield. 

Sheffield has a long tradition of manufacture and engineering excellence and continues to be a centre of industry and innovation today.  Each showcase display will focus on one company which reflects production within the 21st Century city.

From 2013, we have had a changing programme of displays from Sheffield companies which include Dormer, Ernest Wright & Son and Taylors Eye Witness.

Our next display launches on Sunday 22nd March and is from Thomas Flinn & Co.  The UK’s last remaining traditional saw and hand plane manufacturer.

Thomas Flinn & Co., Est. 1923 - Sheffield

At the turn of the 18th century there were over 75 saw makers in Sheffield alone. Now there is only one left in the UK. We manufacture traditional saws for a wide range of woodworking applications. We have incorporated many historic Sheffield saw brands into our company which are increasingly popular around the world. The PAX brand dates back to 1776, The Garlick Saw company (Lynx brand) to 1858 and Roberts & Lee Saws back to 1905. We pride ourselves on the use of traditional craftsman skills and modern technology to manufacture some of the highest quality saws on the market today. We are a family owned business with both the second and third generation involved in our production.

In August 2014, we purchased the last hand plane manufacturer in the UK - Clifton Planes. These are premium quality hand planes also having origins in Sheffield and includes a range of bench planes and shoulder planes. 

Thomas Flinn & Co

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