Access All Areas

The key aim of the Access all Areas project has been to investigate the particular issues posed by industrial museums and heritage sites for visitors with disabilities, to identify solutions where possible and to share our findings widely across the museums sector.

We hope this will encourage other industrial museums and heritage sites in the UK and beyond to find new ways of addressing access issues with their visitors.

To ensure that the project process itself is inclusive and accessible we have consulted experts in the field and recruited an Inclusive Access Forum.

In addition to making immediate improvements at Kelham Island Museum and Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, we are hoping that there will be a positive long term impact on the organisation.

Through Access All Areas we will create the conditions for transformation in the organisation, with facilities, programmes and staff becoming more open, adaptable and equitable.

The museums will become more accessible for a wider range of visitors, the workforce will be better prepared to meet the needs of visitors with disabilities and all staff and volunteers will feel they can play an active role in inclusive access.

Arts Council