Abbeydale Works!

Abbeydale Works

Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust has been awarded £1million from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the development of Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet (2013-2016).

The focus of the project is on developing the accessibility and learning potential of Abbeydale and to conserve and restore the working machinery of the Hamlet so that visitors can experience a working site and understand how the buildings and the machinery would have been used.

Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is a place of outstanding historical significance and the HLF funding will allow us to preserve the site and safeguard its future. It will enable us to make fundamental changes to the way people can enjoy and engage with the site and allow us to build a team that is experienced in heritage skills and can provide a sustainable solution to safeguarding the site's working machinery in the future.

The project is set to transform the eighteenth century industrial works and includes:

  • A New Learning Centre, Café and Museum Shop 
  • ‘All About Abbeydale’ Orientation Gallery 
  • ‘The Works’ - an interactive area to get hands on with history 
  • Restoration Work to the waterwheels and other machinery whilst developing the heritage and engineering skills to maintain them 
  • A redisplay of the Hamlet’s houses, cottages and workshops with improved interpretation 
  • Workshops for modern day craftspeople 
  • Improved accessibility and updated facilities creating a better environment for all 
  • A Community Participation Officer working to engage local people, attract new audiences and create a volunteer team 

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Watch the Enlivening Abbeydale film below:

Heritage Lottery Fund

Nail Making at Abbeydale: